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I am designer of living things for film,animation and games.. I am a sculptor who draws and a painter who sculpts...In my opinion there is a destinction between a designer and an illustrator. Although to be a designer you have to be able to illustrate but not all illustrators are designers and some Illustrators are far better at illustrating than any designer...Illustrators can fool producers with pretty pictures but not all designers are as fortunate and thus the fighting nature of a true designer. We are not politically correct in our manner or our ideas. But we are constantly searching for innovative ideas. We live in this world and are sometimes blinded and way too far in to be accessible to corporate art houses, Fx houses and studios of all kinds...My goal as a designer/illustrator is to always bring something new to the table and as little of "something that has been done" as possible..I guarantee this effort but not the final product.. that's up to you and how much you listen to me


Originally from the East Los Angeles area I now live in Northern Calif. with my wife of 25 years. The open space and cool air suit me well and have subtly influenced my work. I have always gravitated towards the surreal, whether I was old enough to know what that was or not. The need to be original and unique, probably stemming from adolescence, made me seek out the weirdest and wildest things that an innocent minded kid could conjure up.... By high school my tastes were being split in 2 with the pop culture interest I had in film and my interest in fineart through surreal imagery and artwork from the rennaisance. After gratuating from high school I took life drawing classes at the local community colledge in preperation for an extended education at a big university. I remember being asked for a self portrait and I didn't have an interest in simply drawing my face. So I drew the way I felt. My approach to that assignment really landmarked for me a mode in how I would handle future professional projects. Representational art wasn't my goal as an artist. Abstracting with form is how I make choices with my layouts and the designs of the elements that make up the layouts themselves. Inspiration for me is internal. The work on this site is the kind of artwork I make for myself. It comes from inspiration through my faith in Jesus Christ which is internal. My artwork is the external expression of my internal inspiration. I am still evolving with my personal work, thankfully...I see changes occuring with my work which are very interesting to me and hopefully to anyone who is interested. Even though I have a professional career that is almost 30 years old..I don't feel like I've "arrived". On the contrary I feel like a perpetual student... always learning and needing to study..




Welcome to  "Gallery Anatom"...

The artwork of Carlos Huante

"RASCA" book 4 is coming and "BLIND SPOT " book 3 is still AVAILABLE ! 



Captured gallery 

Check out the drawings that I have for sale here...I will continue this series outside of these little drawings but here are these for now.....





Here's something

Here are some of the most recent little tracks I made and grouped together...Actually they aren't full tracks they are 16 bar sketches.


These are full soundtracks i made for projects that I worked on, if you are interested.. This is just me making background, drawing music for myself that pertained to the project I was working on at the time.. I hope you like them. See if you can guess what they were made for...City with a green sky was a made up project..but the rest are for real projects that were quite well known..One of them hit the theaters a couple of years back.. My tracks almost made it in..almost but not quite....Tethys and Titan are related...







work delays

I got delayed with work.. little obligations and investments i should say....so the previous post about new works going online hasn't happened yet but just to be safe I will JUST say "very soon"....here's a small preview..they are small drawings... all  8x 10 on brown paper graphite, wax pencil and ink


update 05-28-14

For those interested..I will be posting some new original drawings for sale here in the next week..I have sold very little of my work..I don't have the need to do so since I make a living in film…But I will be offering work up for short stints of time starting as soon as next week..again for those of you interested check in next week some time... 




Phone sketches…..

I post this on the facebook page as well.....These were done on my phone in 'Brushes" and ArtStudio"...Cool programs for when youre out and about ...No gear required...for Ideas on the fly....No I am not getting paid for saying this...





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